Fractint: The best DOS fractal generator in my opinion. Runs also under Windows 95/98

Ultrafractal: Fractal generator for Windows. Numerous ways to generate fractals (including layers, tranformations, coloring methods, etc.) wich makes more complex to handle than Fractint. (but I'll get the hang of it, someday)

Karl Scherer's Fractal Gallery: A very nice fractal gallery, also puzzles and poetry.





All following sites are in the French language!!

BDParadisio: New album releases, expo's, etc.

Bishlouk: About "Les grandes pouvoirs du Chinkel", "l'Oiseau du temps" and others.

EuroBD: Agenda, auteurs, concours, dédicaces etc.

Les feux d'Askell: About the series and "Trolls de Troy".





Book of Hours Archive: Archive of sites with information and illustrations of Books of Hours.

 CGFA: Site with a lot of paintings, drawings of a number of artists. Mostly from 1200 to mid 1900.



Art History: Site with a large fantasy and science fiction section.

ImageNETion fantasy art

Cool Dog Gallery



Elephant Talk The King Crimson Homepage.

Elephant Tape Some nice music.

De Kift Homepage Homepage of the dutch group De Kift

Lais Homepage Homepage of the Belgian Folk Group Lais


Science Fiction Stories:


Fantastic Metropolis Fiction

Infinity Plus

Mythos Online



Strange Horizons






Last update: 8 july 2002